My daily life in quarantine

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well! Today I just want to talk about how I spend my day with my little daily goals!

I usually start my day by having breakfast with my homestay, we usually have bagels and the blueberry ones are always my favourite.

Recently, my Homestay started growing cherry tomatoes and some flowers in the yard, and seeing them grow every morning is one of the beauties I found during this quarantine, they just make me feel peaceful and relaxed.

My biggest responsibility is doing homework but sometimes I realized that I get really lazy if there is no homework or classes, so I just made my daily goals to be more balanced!

-waking up before 9 AM
-Reading at least two pages of a book
-Going for a walk
-Drawing practice for 30 mins
-Studying and doing homework for 2 hours

And it actually helps my day to be more organized and balanced, it feels more refreshing!
I think the biggest advantage of making my own goals is that if I forget or don’t have time to do them, there is no one who would hurry or say something to me, and I can change the goals whenever I want! So it actually brings me more fun with practicing them without any pressures.

I started reading Korean books these days because I felt like my Korean grammar was getting worse as I mostly speak English. And I think it would be really helpful if I can speak two languages fluently in the future.

During this time, I also learned the beauty of family by staying with my homestay. When I was going to school, we didn’t have that much time to talk about each other, but now as we do all of our work at home, I could learn more things about my homestay family, such as favourite hobbies, foods, and how they are always trying to make me feel comfortable with staying here. It’s always beautiful and amazing to get to know more things about those who are close to me.

I hope everyone could find their own ways to overcome this difficult because you all have different ways of managing time and beauties! I hope you all stay safe and healthy!

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