Inquiry Instructions

Blog #1: Inquiry project
1. State your inquiry question. (Please refer to the Essential Questions page for examples)
2. Explain why this is a question of interest for you.

Blog #2: Project plan
1. Provide three steps for your research with a brief explanation of how this information will lead to addressing your question.
2. Provide 5 valid sources that might be useful to address the question.
3. Explain how this question will have implications to other individuals and/or my community.

Blog #3: Round 1 of research
1. State your inquiry question.
2. Find information to address the first round of research from your project plan. Make sure that this information is in your own words, but is properly referenced.
3. You will need between 3-5 reputable sources.
4. Put links to the sources in the text and provide a list of all the sources at the end of your post.
5. Remember that pictures are a great addition!

Blog #4: Round 2 of research
1. Follow the instructions from round #1 of research.

Blog #5: Round 3 of research
1. Follow the instructions from round #1 of research.

Step 6 Celebration of Learning [no blog post required]
1. Make a visual presentation to share what you have learned through this inquiry, to others. The presentation should be engaging to the observer(s) and address your inquiry topic.

Blog #7: Reflection
1. Address the following questions:
a. What challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry project? How did you go about
overcoming these challenges?
b. How did this inquiry change the way you think?
c. How did this investigation impact your future decisions?
d. What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?