Butterfly Effect provides a forum to enhance Global Education. Using the Butterfly Effect students from multiple schools can communicate and learn from each other for the purpose of a common goal.

The new Butterfly Effect now has three prongs to it:

  1. Inquiry Based Learning
  2. Story
  3. Action

With Inquiry Based learning students engage in a research project in an area of passion. Using multiple on line resources students learn how to prepare research, write, and publish their findings on our site. Members are encourage to read and comment on each other’s findings.

The Story component of Butterfly Effect encourages members to tell their own personal stories through a variety of mediums. Members are encouraged to share their perspectives through written form, through film and/or through pictures. Through stories we can build relationship and reach a greater understanding of one another.

Finally the Action section of the new Butterfly Site joins with the United Nations 17 Global Goals calling for all students to join together to create change. Members of Butterfly Effect are encouraged to work with a student outside of their school/province/country towards achieving a common goal of a better world.

We welcome you to the new Butterfly Effect and look forward to all the initiatives taken to make the world we live in a better place.