About Me Examples

Below are some examples of what students have written previously on The Butterfly Effect.

Example One:

About Me

This is Dorcas Akinyi. A student studying at Sweetwaters Secondary. I will be graduating in 2020 for my my grade 12 course. I really like my school as i know it will give me a golden opportunity to meet my destiny in future which is to be a lawyer.

I liked to be a lawyer as i would like to promote justice and stop corruption which is going on up to date. I may not stop it but find thou possible solutions for diminishing it. I now decide to work hard as I know education is the only key to succeed in my future career.

Some of my hobbies including;swiming,watching movies,spending my leisure reading novels and meeting friends in particular. I like swimming as it cools me down when am frustrated or unhappy.

What brought me to Butterfly Effect was the interesting concept where the Butterfly Effect site not only allowed you to share your ideas with people from your country but also with people from the outside world. The interesting part of this is that you tend to think outside the box. It is my hope and vision that Butterfly Effect will be a bridge for me to cross to my future job which is to be a lawyer.

Current Inquiry Question

I wonder whether solar radiation affects human health.