PA-MOJA Week Instructions

April 2020 PA-MOJA Week – Building our Global Community

We held a conference in Coquitlam on March 4th and the students brainstormed a number of different ideas for discussion during the April 2020 PA-MOJA week which will be happening from April 5-10.

You will find the topics with some suggested ideas below. We would like everyone to pick one idea under one of the topics and write a post in depth on that idea. Try to give specific examples so others can really get a sense of your example or thoughts. Don’t forget to put up a featured image and check off the correct category so the post goes into the correct location. (If you would like to have an account and join the discussion, talk to your teacher and get them to send an email with your name and email address to Alison Stuart).

The goal is to then comment on other student’s posts so that you can create a conversation with each other. HAVE FUN!!!

1. Personal life 
a. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
b. What happens when you are sick?
c. What are your career goals? Why do you want to do this?
d. Who are your role models? Why?
e. Describe your family life.
f. What are some challenges you have faced and how do you get through them?

2. Daraja Girls’ School’s Four Pillars
a. Be accountable for the role you play, neither neglecting it nor abusing it.
b. Maintain open communication: speak honestly and listen respectfully.
c. Embrace differences: Treat all with dignity and respect.
d. Leave everything better than you found it.

3. Society
a. Women’s/Girl’s rights – anything you would like to discuss on this topic
b. Wildlife – anything you would like to discuss on this topic
c. Ideas for improving PA-MOJA
d. Ways that you contribute to your community
e. Stereotypes – anything you would like to discuss on this topic
f. What societal issues are currently important in your community?

4. Culture
a. Ideas – What are some family traditions and celebrations?
b. What do you do on your school holidays?
c. What music is currently popular? What music do you like?
d. What are some national holidays and how are they celebrated?
e. What are some ‘unspoken’ rules in your culture?