About Me: Sanam M

Hi there my name is Sanam Moazed and I am a grade 12 at Dr. Charles Best Secondary. I’ve been in this class since grade 10 and have been interested in the inquiry process ever since. I’ve done topics ranging from economics, art history, auto-immune diseases, and more!

My passion revolves around anything to do with history! I find any of the historical eras fascinating as they all represent a pivotal time which somehow connects to the present. Especially the victorian and regency periods as they are some of the most documented times. In addition, I also have a passion for waiting in lines… Especially for concerts or festivals. Something about waiting for hours for an event you know will be good, and experiencing it hours later is a feeling that can’t be replaced. It is good to be able to visually experience the product of your hard work in a short time.


In addition something I like to do in my free time is to hang out with my pet cat “chito” he is a mixed Siberian and British short-haired and hates physical affection. He has a need to find any piece of plastic he can and play with!However, during the mornings, no matter who you are, he likes to show you his stretches and yoga poses as his wake up routine.

If I could have any job right now of my choosing, it would be to become an art curator for museums and art galleries. The process of finding an elaborate art piece from eons ago and disposing it in a place accessible for all is so fascinating to me and heartwarming to think of. In addition, not only would you be able to travel around the world, you would also be exposed to niche historical facts of different times.


Thank You so much for reading!

– Sanam M.

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