About me!!

Hello! My name is Negar and I am in grade 12! I attend Dr. Charles Best Secondary School, and my favourite subject is English! I have taken this class in previous years and always enjoy doing the blog posts, and many more activities with it along the way, which is why I have decided to take it one again! I wish to enjoy doing more research projects for this class as every time, I am able to learn more about topics I am interested in and love!

What do you do to relax? The things I do to relax can vary lots but due to my music addiction, I either listen to music or buy concert tickets to go see my favourite artists live! Recently I have seen artists such as Arctic monkeys, and plan to buy tickets to see many more! And though going to a concert can be not the most relaxing thing, being able to see your favourite artists live gets rid of the stress of it, and you can relax hearing your favourite songs live!

If could you have any job right now what would it be and why? If I could have a job right now, I would own a coffee shop somewhere secluded in the world. I feel like it would be such a relaxing and calming job/career to have, and thought it is not the most life changing experience it definitely sounds like a calming job to have. When you own the shop you can control the menu and anything on it, and being able to make money from making/creating drinks (or foods) that I like sounds like a dream, which is why that is the job I would love to have right now :).

Thank you everyone who read this post! Hope you enjoyed learning about me a little bit! I hope to be doing an inquiry project for this semester so be on the look out for that <3.



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  1. Hello Negar,
    I love the fact that you love music .I to am a fun of music and I listen to it most of the time to relax. I also sing to them. I am wondering if you love cooking since you would love to make money out of food .Anyways welcome to butterfly effect.

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