Blog #2: Project plan

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. I’m behind on my Inquiry but I’m working on catching up. My chosen Inquiry question is How do art and culture correlate one another to develop influence and reflection? I hope to address several aspects and points within this question throughout my three rounds of research. 

My first round of research will consist of analyzing a single culture and understanding how their customs, traditions and style are influenced by their surrounding culture. I will then research the impact of art in this culture and how they are integrated or represented in their elements of life. Further, I will specifically try to identify if and how they constitute one another and equally try to discern forms of symbolism and consistently notable patterns in their collective artwork. I think I will look into African culture and artwork, though it is a very broad and intricate culture expressing individuality in every region. However, I just hope to look into components that are commonly persistent in artwork throughout most of the regions in the continent. Further, I plan to analyze one or two pieces of pronounced artwork and discuss the aspects it epitomizes and the culture that it may directly or indirectly signify. The artwork may be a visual piece or perhaps a theatrical or musical piece. My second round of research will follow the same intentions as stated above, however, I will be analyzing a completely different culture and the artwork that originated from it. I plan to investigate Chinese artwork and its surrounding culture. Like any other region, this form of artwork is a signature to its culture and I hope to discern more in-depth, in what ways it signs. For my last round of research, I will be comparing what I discovered in my previous research. I plan to identify similarities of correlation between the relationship of art and culture in the two distinct regions. I will address the question if art influences culture, or culture influences or? Or, if there is no discernability between the two and instead constantly influence and reflect upon each other.

My five valid sources that help address my question:

This question will have implications for other individuals and my community because we are all influenced by culture in one way or another. We are encompassed by forms of art in our day-to-day life, whether it is by connecting the lyrics of a favourite song, watching a movie or simply appreciating the artwork of a revolutionary. In Canada, we are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by several different cultures harmoniously residing together with respect. Though we are living in a multicultural society, it is statistically shown that individuals are feeling less and less connected to their culture. There may be several explanations for why that may be, though it is likely associated with the knowledge of living in a world that is unlike the land the culture originated form and thus, thrived. Either way, I think it is important to understand what culture encompasses and where so much of our creative knowledge originated from. Understanding the relationship between art and culture equally helps identify the significance of each of these two aspects to one another and in turn, to the people it surrounds. Our past, present and future are encompassed by the history of these two terms, however, I find that a lot of people, including myself don’t always associate one with the other. Is it because we are becoming more separated from culture, and in turn developing independence in our art? I hope that this inquiry addresses this and several other questions acknowledging the nature of our traditions and customs and how the art of our lives are connected to it.


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