Blog Post #1: Inquiry Project 2

How do art and culture correlate one another to develop influence and reflection?

This question is of interest to me because art and culture are at the very roots of human perception and emotion. History has procured its own preservation through various means. Whether it is from the evidence left scattered behind or written accounts of text detailing the tales and way-of-life of another age. It is rather tangible that art and culture have persevered along the line of history to keep the story of another time alive in our own. However, it is unclear to me if art has primarily influenced culture or if culture has essentially influenced art. Is one factor beholden to the other in some form? And is influencing the artists the same as influencing the art? These are all questions with the context of my inquiry that drew me to this topic. We are in a society that is thriving with several distinctly beautiful cultures that are complementary to one another. These cultures all have aspects within that make it unique and people that understand and carry that individuality with them in their identities. A large way of expressing that identity is through creative means in all forms of art, including performances, visual representations and even dances. However, did these forms of art and creativity instill themselves in a culture over time or were created as a result of the environment, community and beliefs? The captivating paradoxical relationship between these two aspects fascinates me and compels me to learn more about the subject. I am equally very fond of art, whether it is performing art, visual art the various other forms. I find it beguiling with its endless sources of interpretation. Being an artist and enjoying the meaning of art made me question where most arts originated from if not from the tirelessly creative mind of the artist(s) and I found that culture likely played a large role of influence in that imaginative mind. Essentially, this question captivated me with its equally limitless solutions and freedom of interpretation.

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