About me – Po Yiu Yau

Hello everyone,
My name is Po Yiu, and I am 13 years old, in Grade 9 French Immersion. I go to Dr. Charles Best Secondary, which is in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada. This is my first year in taking this course, and I am hoping to learn a lot, as others have said they have learned a lot.

I found out about this course through the high school tour in May/June, and I thought it was interesting, being able to research, write, and make changes flexibly. For me, what brought me the most interest was being able to research about any course selection list, and the day we were able to choose courses, I added this additional course to my list.

My Passions


One of my biggest passions is piano because I have been playing it since I was 5 years old. Playing was quite painful when I was younger, being forced to play the piano because I was so lazy and didn’t want to practice, it makes me laugh looking back. It calms my mind for most of the time, some times it makes me even more enraged, but it is very nice to have a skill that makes you have full control of all your fingers, and to be able to play beautiful music with a little practice, to a lot. It makes me happy to be able to impress my friends and family with piano, playing beautiful sounds, pieces and pop songs.


My second biggest passion is badminton. I still remember the days when I was really young, when my dad would play with me outside of his warehouse. My dad was actually the first person to teach me badminton, and like my attitiude to piano, I sometimes hated when my dad would nag me to practice with him. I started to take badminton seriously in 7th grade, with the goal to be the best, and the summer leading into 8th grade, I asked my parents if I could start taking actual lessons, so I can develop real skills, to be even better. I started in the lowest level, but of course, I couldn’t be beaten so easily. My dad started teaching skills that are essential to actual badminton games, and soon, I started beating people of higher levels.

Favorite Foods


I love sushi because there are many styles and flavours like sour and sweet. I love pressed sushi, sashimi, and rolls. I especially prefer sushi with salmon or scallop in it.


I love the soup and the taste of the noodles, its so salty and I love it! I like eating the egg with the soup and overall, ramen is a very good meal to eat. It’s sad that I haven’t been eating a lot of ramen for a while.

Bubble Tea

I love the flavour of this drink, I am so happy that it is trending today. The boba is nice, but the combination of actual drink and the boba is immaculate. It usually makes me feel really fun though.

That are the things that are the most interesting about me, thank you for reading this blog post!

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