About Me – Sarah Gamar

Hi and thank you for visiting my “About Me” page!!

My name is Sarah Gamar and I’m an eleventh-grade student at Dr. Charles Best. Currently, I am a part of the French Immersion program and along with my continuous learning of this language and, of course, English, I have recently been trying to get back into the habit of learning and speaking my origin language, Arabic.

I was born and lived in Doha, Qatar for seven years. Every summer when the heat of the desert was almost unbearable my family would travel here to BC where we visited my grandparents in Coquitlam and Victoria. These trips were my favourite as not only was I able to visit and spend time with my family but they helped create and nurture my love for travelling and going to new places. I grew up in a very family-based household. With four sisters, countless cousins and extended family constantly around me, I grew up relying on my family as a grounding point. I feel at home around the people I love and without them, I feel I would be lost and uncomfortable in my own skin. My family and friends have shaped me and created the person I am today. Not only have they taught me countless lessons, but they have made sure I understand my worth and have the space and confidence to act on my passions or ideas.



My biggest interest in life is History. I come from multiple countries including Egypt, Libya, and Pakistan. Being able to learn more about the places I come from has always been something I love and makes me feel more connected to my roots. While Social Studies classes are by far my favourite, English comes in a close second. I grew up in a household that loves books, and this love has stuck with me throughout my whole life. I love reading books from different eras and genres and the feeling of finally finishing a book or becoming so invested in one that everything else becomes irrelevant leaves me with the want to read more.

Aside from my love for history and books, I am a sports enthusiast. I have played hockey for just over ten years and softball for three both at competitive levels. Not only do my sports keep me active and physically fulfilled but I love the feeling of working with my teammates and creating bonds that spread into my social life. The life lessons I have learned from my coaches, teammates and opponents have helped me countless times and I couldn’t be more grateful for these ongoing learning opportunities.

That’s it for now thank you for reading and getting to know a little bit more about me!!

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