About me – Dara CM.

Hi everyone, welcome to my about me!

My name is Dara Casillas Mora. I am thirteen years old and a grade 9 student at Charles best secondary school, Coquitlam BC. My favourite subject in school is English. This is my first year being in social responsibility.

*our school*

A little about me, I was originally born in Mexico but moved when I was just 5 years old to Canada. living with my culture day to day is a huge part of who I am because I get remember my family and the life I had before. I love Mexican candy and desserts because I get remember my cousins and when we were little. I am Christian as well as my whole family. Moving has help me grow and become more openminded.

I enjoy listening to music for practically everything, whether I am at school, studying, exercising, walking or any other activity. My favourite season would have to be summer. I love eating fruits, listening to music, and sitting at the beach all day long, this is the best combo in my opinion.

A passion of my is to get the opportunity to travel the world specially places that have a tropical weather, as I mentioned before, summer is my favourite season. I love the idea of learning about other cultures and traditions.  I would love to explore different places and all kinds of foods there is to know.

 I am most excited to learn new things about others and reading other peoples blog posts.

Thank you for reading my about me!

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