About me

Hello everyone,

My name is Scott Lyu, I am currently a grade 11 student at Ecole Dr Charles Best secondary school. I enjoy learning if I am presented with opportunities to think and express freely about my opinions or thoughts. I am very active in school as I am in a lot of clubs, one for every weekday. I am aiming to go to McGill because I really liked the environment and the studious atmosphere in the library. I have been in Social Responsibility for 3 years now, and I have genuinely enjoyed the experience. For this semester’s subject, I am choosing to do inquiry again because I really liked its concepts, and I have a lot of topics that I would like to explore and share with other people. Moreover, I want to leave the action and story projects for grade 12 because I want grade 12 to be one of the most fun years of my highschool experience, ending on a high note!

Looking forward to reading and communicating with you!

Scott Lyu

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