All About Me – Alexia Negrut

Hi everyone, my name is Alexia Negrut, and I am a first year student at Dr. Charles Best. I am almost fourteen, and my favorite subject is English.


MySabre (fencing) - Wikipedia best-loved pastime is reading, and my favorite book is either Lord of the Flies, or Pride and Prejudice. I also have a cat named Bella who runs into windows and enjoys playing with walnuts.

 I am ecstatic to take the Social Responsibility course, because I get to make a difference in this world and talk about certain issues and subjects that I have a strong opinion on. I adore practicing sports and am on a fencing team, but also sing in a professional choir called Coastal Sound Music Academy. I train 3 times a week for fencing and once, sometimes twice a week for choir, and manage to keep up with all of my schoolwork and friends at the same time. I also enjoy listening to music, painting, and digital art.

I would like to attend McGill University, or even attain a scholarship at an an Ivy League university.  When I am older, I wish to study psychology and eventually start my own practice. I have already taken a considerable amount of courses concerning psychology and am exceedingly interested in Freud, Pavlov, and Erickson. These courses have only reaffirmed my choice to become a psychologist and study the human mind.

Thank you for your time!

Alexia Negrut



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