About Me- Mahdiya Adnan

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Hey everyone, my name is Mahdiya Adnan. I am currently a grade nine student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary. My favourite classes are P.E and Business 9.

Some of my passions include playing basketball and traveling. I also enjoy listening to music and my favourite music genre is rap. In my spare time, I cherish hanging out with my friends and spending quality time with my family. Also, I love going to amusement parks because of the thrill I get on scary rides.

Two role models that inspire me are NBA star, Kyrie Irving and rapper, Pop Smoke. They encourage me to keep hustling, to develop a powerful mindset and to always stay humble. Something that motivates me is reading deep quotes and a motto I live by is “Talk Less, Do More.” Also, I believe the most important trait to have is loyalty because you have to be apart of the struggles to experience the success.

I chose to join the Social Responsibility program because I want to make a difference. I believe that everyone wants change, but when it comes time to make a difference, only a few people take action. I’m also curious about discussing global issues and would like to share my thoughts on them. I’m particularly excited to fundraise for a Kenyan school scholarship because it has the potential to impact someone’s life.

Through this program, I am excited to learn new things, develop new skills and hopefully change someone’s life for the better.

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