about me :)

Hello! My name is Negar and I am currently attending Charles Best secondary school as a grade 10 student. Some of my hobbies are reading, watching tv shows and playing sports. I enjoy reading all kinds of books going from webcomics to fantasy was well as classics. Some of my topics of interests are human behaviour and psychology. Moreover, the sports I tend to play and enjoy are volleyball and swimming! I have been doing both for a long time though I only do it for my own enjoyment, so I am not a part of any team, I simply feel it is a way I can relive stress! I decided to sign up for this course because I wanted to have time inside/outside of school to focus and research on topics that I quite enjoy like human behaviour. Though school teaches you many subjects I wanted a time in which I could study and focus on subjects that I enjoy. Lastly, I love listening to music it is an activity that I do everyday. The photos below are some tv shows I enjoy watching in life! thanks for reading! 😃✨

(shows are soul eater and criminal minds If anyone was interested)

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