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Hello everyone,

My name is Karen Zoulau and I am a student in Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. This year I am in Grade 9, 14 years old. I think that the best part about High School—currently is that you don’t have to stay with the exact same classmates and teachers in every single class. This way, it’s a great way to create relationships with new classmates, teachers, and even make a few new friends.

Here is a picture of me on graduation day at Hillcrest Middle School:

My favourite class is Science, I love taking notes and learning about new things. My big goal is to attend a Medical Faculty and to learn about medicine. My dream is to have a job where I can be the first person to catch someone when they fall, I want to be there to help them first.

Something that may surprise you is that I work well under stressful situations. Whenever there is an assignment, and it’s due the next day, I get extra productive, since I get pushed by the stress of it being due the day after that day.

My favourite hobby is drawing. Sometimes, whenever I am bored, have no homework, or have nothing to do, I draw. Drawing makes me feel so relaxed, it relieves any of the stress or anxiety I accumulated that day.

This is a picture of the latest drawing I drew which is a dress:

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to read them,



Karen Zoulau






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  1. Am Joseph, am in grade 11 I have really enjoyed reading your post it is very interesting. In my school you stay with the same teachers from grade 9 to grade 12. It is kind of boring because you have the same teacher every single time. During my free time i like play guitar even though I do not know how to play it very well but am trying. I love the dress that you have posted it is so nice.

    • Hi Joseph, that is so fascinating. I never knew that you stayed with the same teachers throughout high school. Playing an instrument really helps me cope with stress and anxiety. Whenever I pick up an instrument, I feel comforted immediately. The power of music is so magical! I play alto saxophone in band and jazz band and I take piano lessons outside of school. That’s so delightful that you can play guitar, I think it is a lovely, beautiful instrument. I really hope I can try playing the guitar one day.

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