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Hi everyone! It was great being able to reconnect with you all last Friday and see all the faces (kind of, masks are a pain) I have missed seeing for over five months. For those who don’t know me or didn’t participate in the Social Responsibility course last school year, my name is Victor Tenea and I live in Coquitlam, BC. I am currently in the tenth grade and am in my second year of Social Responsibility here at Dr. Charles Best Secondary. Many people may already know this, but my favourite subject is English (writing stories is the best!).

I was brought to Butterfly Effect / Social Responsibility by one simple thing: helping others. I heard about this course through numerous sources, many of which were Me to We members that were already making a difference in their communities and abroad. They were discussing Pa-Moja and how they could get Me to We involved with Pa-Moja to increase the organization’s reach and helpfulness to the global community. This really piqued my interest, so when I heard that there was a course in my school that dealt directly and in large part with Pa-Moja, I was hooked. I just wanted to help.

I believe that my greatest trait is my leadership. While I may micromanage a little too much, I think as a whole the leadership and direction I provide to group projects and the like are quite helpful. I take it as a personal goal of mine to guide my group to at the very least try our very best, even if the final product does not end up working out as well as we had hoped.

To me global community means collaboration. Anyone who has studied history or has simply had a passing interest in the past or even the present will know that humans are not exactly the most collaborative species. We fight, we compete, and we are normally more jealous than happy when someone else achieves a goal. But when that rare moment comes along where we all work together, when scientists from different countries, heck, different continents all combine their thinking, we end up with beautiful results. I believe an incredibly important example of that is a COVID-2019 vaccine. Instead of scientists and companies helping each other create a safe and efficient vaccine for the deadly virus, they choose to compete against instead of collaborating. We need collaboration. Without it, the global community will never grow and we will never truly advance as a species.

I am really excited to get to know you all in the months to come and get to share and receive new ideas. Let us collaborate, help everyone, and have a great year of Butterfly Effect!

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  1. Hi Victor! I missed seeing everyones faces over the summer too, its nice to zoom and do virtual meetings now. I agree with your point about collaboration, its times like this that teamwork is really useful, expecially in lab situations, I’ve seen first hand how important this is haha. Also, I love reading, what kinds of stories do you write about?

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