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My name is Karina Kaisa, I am a seventeen-year-old student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary. My favourite subject in school is Computer Programing.

 One thing that may surprise others is that I speak three languages; Russian, English, and French. And no, I am not Russian, however, it is my mother’s first language and many of my family members speak it as well. Also, I am managing director of a non-profit organization, Leading Learners. During my free time I enjoy reading and like books that can make me tear up or feel angry at one of the characters or just bring strong emotions. I enjoy going on bike rides, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends. Every summer since grade nine, I volunteer as I like to help my community as much as I can. To relax, I find myself usually listening to music. I enjoy all music genres, but do in particular enjoy listening to alternative and rock genres. My strongest attribute is the ability to work with others. I find myself able to work with anyone as I am able to adapt easily.

Lastly, I joined Butterfly Effect to meet new people, to research and learn new things as well as share that knowledge with others. 



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  1. Hi,

    Hi Karina it is nice getting to know you. wow it is so amazing how you hold such a big title of non-profit organisation. What maybe I would like to ask is that, what are some activities you do as the non-profit organisation please? I am also a big fan of music especially rock and trap music.

    • Hi David! I believe I answered the question you have when I replied to Hannah’s comment just above yours. I hope that it answered your question 🙂 Also, it is great to hear that you are a big fan of music!

  2. Hi,

    Hi Karina it is nice getting to know you. Wow you have such a big title of being the head of non-profit organisation, it sounds great. what I would like to ask maybe is, what are some of the activities you do as this non-profit organisation? I am also a big fan of music especially rock music as well as trap music. It is so amazing how you manage to speak three languages.

    • Hello Hannah! Well firstly, the organization offers completely free and updates resources to everyone. We provide free scholarships, toolkits, subject specific resources. What I do is help make major decisions with the founder of the non-profit organization and help with emails and such. I hope this answered your question Hannah.

  3. Hi Karina! nice to meet you virtually, that non-profit organization sounds super awesome! What are some things you guys do? Also I love listening to music and bindging netflix shows, I feel like thats all I did in the summer haha.

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