Inquiry Plan

For this semester of Butterfly Effect, I have chosen to do an inquiry project. My question for this inquiry project will be “Will Artificial Intelligence ever be able to experience authentic feelings?”. I decided to go with this question because I find artificial intelligence is currently a very interesting and relevant topic, and this question is only really a small part of a bigger question; “Will Artificial Intelligence ever deserve human rights?”. I also want to research this to see for myself if AI will ever truly deserve to be treated and respected as humans, or should they always be treated as simulations and as simple technology.

But as any good inquiry project, mine will have steps. Step one will be researching the question: “What is AI and What can it do?”. And that ties into my second question; “What is the history of Modern AI?” What can they now do that in the past only educated humans could do?”. And my last and final question is: “Why can’t AI currently experience true feelings? What is holding it back and will it ever be able to?”. This final question will be a grand finale of sorts and will be the culmination of all the information found in my first and second questions. It will explain if that one thing that makes humans, humans, won’t be unique to us anymore; essentially demonstrating to us if telling a human from AI will even be possible. This final question will hopefully answer my inquiry question and give me and my Butterfly Effect colleagues an understanding on emotions in AI.

Five of the valid sources I might be using in my project will be:                                                                                                      – (Harvard Business Review)                                                                                                                                – (Leyton (International Advisory Network))                                            – (Bitbrain (Brain Technology Company))                                                                                            – (CBC News Technology Sector)                                                                                      – (BBC News Technology Sector)

I believe that this question will have very big implications to other individuals and my community. As I said in the first paragraph of this post, AI is a very interesting and very modern topic, and for many, a very unsettling issue. It will affect every human on earth, either positively or negatively, in one way or another. And for that reason alone, learning of AI’s emotions is very important. Knowing if Artificial Intelligence will, in many ways, become human, is of momentous significance and we deserve to know.

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