Inquiry Question / Project Plan – How Does The Educational System Affect Teenagers Physically?

Hey everyone.

For my final year in Butterfly Effect, I wanted to continue my theme of teenagers but, take a different approach towards my topic. Throughout the whole semester (or even the year) I will be researching “How Does The Educational System Affect Teenagers?” With a question this broad, I’m able to throughly address my question by breaking down the cycles into large research topics. For right now I have 3 main topics, physical, mental and emotional before having a final cycle to tie any loose questions or additional subtopics.

Why does this question interest you?

As I mentioned above, I have stuck with the idea of researching common issues that teenagers face since I found them quite relatable and useful within my life. In the back of my mind, I have always had this question, but I wanted to save it as my final project since my senior year would be the most suitable. Daily, there are various thoughts students have such as “What’s due today?” “Did I study enough for my test?” and others that demonstrate the stress and anxiety we face. With the added pressure of achieving high marks for university entrance and the expectation bar continuously rising, students aren’t always taking care of their well being.

How will your question affect other individuals in my community?

Within my community, I hope my topic will inspire others to look after themselves and understand their limits. Since my question is mostly geared towards teenagers, I would love to help them maintain their grades while keeping their body, mind and heart heathy as well. By including ways to prevent and reduce the issue at hand such as stress, teenagers could have best of both worlds. Overall my main goal is to help everyone by providing valuable information to help them succeed in any aspects of their life through these very crucial educational years.

What are your research rounds?

Specifically, for my first cycle, I will be researching the physical aspects the educational system has on teenagers. By investigating the following research rounds, it will complete the first cycle of my inquiry question since it is solely focused on physical elements. With a basic knowledge of the various issues, the understanding and providing helpful, long term solutions will be greater.

Research Round 1 – Introduction

  • What does physical mean? (definition)
  • How does it differ from mental and emotional difficulties?
  • What are some positive and negative physical aspects of school? (Add in basic information)
  • Generally, how do students handle the negative issues while being successful in other areas?

Research Round 2 – Positive Impacts

  • How has school positively impacted teenagers physically?
    • Physical Education, etc
      • How / Why has It impacted students lives? (Educationally, personally)
      • Suggestions on improvements (even though it is successful)

Research Round 3 – Negative Impacts

  • How has the educational system negatively impacted teenagers?
    • Reduced sleep, fatigue, etc
      • How / Why has it impacted students lives? (Educationally and personally)
      • Suggestions on solutions


Thank you for reading my post and feedback is always welcome. 🙂

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  1. Hi Lauren,
    Great project plan! I think your topic is incredibly important and it’s very relevant to high school students, so I’m glad you’re continuing to do research on the topic of teen health. I like how you’ve broken down your rounds of research, and that you’re looking at it from both a negative and positive perspective. Perhaps you could also look at what a positive vs negative school climate looks like, and how much the school environment can impact student health and success.
    Here are some websites that you might find useful for your research:
    Good luck!

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