Maria Cabil Martinez de la Cruz

My name is Maria Cabil Martinez de la Cruz , but I usually go by Maria haha. I am originally from Mexico City but I have been living in Langley, BC, since 2017. I came to Canada in grade 10 and it has been a really interesting experience which has shaped me as a person. I am a grade 12 student in Langley Fine Arts School. I don’t have a favourite subject, however, I love subjects that relate to history, languages, culture and social issues. Math and other exact sciences are not my thing. Langley Fine Arts is a really cool school. Students are able to have the “normal” academics, such as biology, math etc, and “artistic” academics. Each of us, chooses an specific form of art that we want to learn from( some of the “majors”are: dance, drama, writing, etc,). I am a writing major and I like it but is quite challenging. Other facts about myself are: that I strongly dislike cold weather, which is funny because I live in Canada, I am 17 years old, I am a short person and I hate spiders. I am not sure of what I want to study or be in the future. I joined Butterfly  Effect because I love talking and discussing  about events or things that happen all around the world and trying to come up with a solution or a way of improving the situation. I am also interested in being part of organizations like the UN and International Amnesty. I am excited to learn more about other cultures and get to know people from different countries through this platform 🙂

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