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Hi everyone!

My action project revolves around the topic of education systems and how to ensure the community is involved in them. I would also like to look into how the education systems around the world work and if they were the same, where would we be today? If we changed them now then what would it look like tomorrow? The school system varies across our province, let alone the country or the world. In my opinion, I feel as though if all school systems were the same, then there would be less of an equality crisis. Obviously, the school system is applied to the opportunities in the city for jobs. For example, you wouldn’t learn much about gardening if you went to school in Manhattan, versus here. My action will be focused on volunteering at local elementary schools with the students.

The complexity of my question lies in the interaction with the community, making sure I do make a difference, and that I am doing the work in the right way. It is also a question of if everyone is unique, how do we teach them all the same way? Well, we can’t; however, we can provide appropriate resources for all learning types. Why should all education systems be treated equally if they are different?

As I said before, my action will be volunteering at the local elementary schools (K-5) to help build memories for students. School is a huge part of life and we spend so much time there, that the best memories are the ones that last the longest. I can do this by helping organize events like fairs and movie nights as I have in the past.

My action is meant to be 100% positive and help encourage others to lend a hand to the community and those younger than us, to build lifetime memories. As a tutor, I have students and their parents reach out to me all the time asking if I am available to lend a hand, and I will always say yes if I am available because I remember when I was younger and those events got cancelled because we didn’t have enough volunteers.

Thank you all so much for reading my post and any feedback would be appreciated!

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  1. Wow Claire this is great, I am also doing an action about education and about the education system, we should talk and compare. I found that the education system can be controversial because every child might need something different. Here are two different links you can look at if you are interested:
    Let me know if you want to work together for a portion of our action.

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