Inquiry Blog Post #2

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! This is my second blog post for my inquiry project, and in this post, I will lay out my plan of action for this project. My essential question for my inquiry project is “What is the root cause of gender wage discrepancy in Kenya?”. Since my question is fairly complex, I have broken down my research into three simpler and more general questions, in hopes to find lots of good information on the subject that I can then piece together to get the answer to my question. Here are the three questions…

1. What are the most common jobs in Kenya?

This is a broad question, but knowing the answer will be very important in order for me to conduct effective research. Knowing what jobs are the most common in Kenya will allow me to branch off in lots of different directions in my research. I can find out the overall percentage of women who work full time, the average salary for both women and men, the minimum wage in Kenya, and much more.

2. In comparison to Canada, where is Kenya at in terms of gender equality?

This question will be effective for my research, because it will give me a point of comparison. All things considered, Canada is a liberal and therefore, it is easy to compare it to other countries. I will compare things like societal norms, laws regarding equal rights, minimum wage and more. Comparing these two very different countries will help me to get a perspective of the two countries differences and similarities, which will help me with finding the answer to my essential question.

3. What are the cultural expectations for women in Kenya?

This question might be a little harder to answer, but it may just be the most effective question for finding my overall answer. Cultural expectoration are often the most influential thing in one’s lifestyle and therefore could be a root cause for gender wage discrepancy in Kenya. To answer this question, I will need to dig a little deeper and try my best to find some primary sources that could help me answer it. However, finding the answer to this question will be very helpful.

Here are 5 sources that I will be using for my Inquiry research:,lowest%20in%20Luxembourg%20at%200.7%25.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post. See you next time!



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