Blog #2: Project plan

Blog #2 is all about the project plan, reliable sources I will use to help me with my research and how my question affects the community around me.  Here I will take you through the steps I think will help me with my inquiry question “How do we develop phobias?’

I would first like to research and find out, “Why we are scared of certain things” which will help me find the base of what phobias are. Then I would research on “Do some of these fears come genetically” and end with finding out “If we are born with phobias or in conclusion, how do we develop phobias?” I picked these 3 main questions to research on because this topic is very broad and finding the answer to the mini questions will help me get to the main point.

I would say my inquiry question does not only impact me but our society in general. Phobias are something that 1 in every 10 Canadians experience during their life time. In my family and close friend circle, conversations about where our irrational fears come from occur a lot. I would like to find out an answer to this to help all those wondering why they have certain fears. I hope using these resources and my 3 mini questions, I find an answer to this question.

5 sources I will be using for my research:


The first article will help me or anyone else interested in this topic understand what phobias actually are. This write up gives you a basic introduction on common phobias and causes of them. The second article, ‘7 Most Common Phobias & How They Affect Patients’ talks about how life of a person who does have a specific phobia can be different and most times difficult because of it. ‘Phobias symptoms and causes’ is an article on the Boston Childrens Hospital website. This article will help me with my research because it talks about the basics but what the different types of phobias are as well. The fourth source I found talks a lot of the symptoms that come with having an irrational fear. Some of these symptoms are major but others minor. It also talks about how and when to reach out for help if your fears do get to a certain point. The final article I picked is all about Cynophobia. The symptoms, causes and how you could potentially treat this fear.

I hope I get to answer my question by the end of this semester and I look forward to taking you on this journey with me 🙂




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  1. Hi Anannya,
    The topic you’ve chosen is very interesting, and it could help people understand others with this condition. A while ago, I discovered that I have vertigo. This is a phobia that I’m trying to overcome, but it is difficult. I felt so identified after reading your inquiry, and I hope you continue with this research,
    Good luck 🙂
    Daniela Z.

  2. Hi Anannya,
    I am incredibly interested in your topic as I too have wondered the same question. I admire you for choosing such a personal topic. I will enjoy seeing the results and will be sure to follow you on your journey!

  3. Hey Anannya! Until now, how it is going with your research? I have always wondered why people have at least one phobia and even though we procure to overcome them, it is tough and sometimes it gets worse. Indeed, some of them hold you back and keep you from trying new things and though we try to conquer them, it is the fear or perhaps the feeling of failure that we put towards first that does not allow us to push ourselves a little bit more. It is a deep topic the one you have chosen, and I am sure you will find answers that will get you amazed and yet even more interesting each time.
    I found some links that will make you get into your topic even more. Good luck!

    • Hey Andrea! Thank you for the resources. I know I will be using these websites for sure. I completely agree that these fears affect our daily life because of how most of our fears come as normal to others! I look forward to sharing my research with you <3

  4. Hey Anannya,
    Your inquiry question is fantastic. In sixth grade, I gave a speech about phobias and learned a lot of interesting facts. I think it’s great that you’re not only listing some phobias but also conducting extensive research on the symptoms, causes, and potential treatments. You could also look into some other unusual phobias, such as Xanthophobia, which is the fear of the colour yellow. There are a lot of other rare phobias which are very intriguing that you could look into.

    Here’s A Possible Link That Could Help You With Your Research:,is%20a%20fear%20of%20money%20or…%20More%20

    I can’t wait to follow you along with your research and see what you discover. Good luck with your research!

    Mahdiya A.

    • Hey Mahdiya! Thats a great idea! I will make sure to write a bit about the most uncommon fears because I think its something a lot of people would enjoy reading about 🙂

  5. Hey Annanya! I think this is such an awesome topic that SO many people can relate/connect too! I think this topic is so fascinating but I don’t know much about it. It will be so cool to follow along with you on this journey! I really love how you are making your project relatable in many different ways. I think that can impact so many people!

  6. Hey Anannya! Looking into phobias is such an interesting and fun topic. I’ve always wondered why I’m scared of the oceans and lakes and why i’m scared to be in theme. This research could really benefit a lot of people. I love how detailed and easy to understand this post is. Good luck and i look forward to your future posts!

  7. Hi Anannya! I love the details you included in your questions and how you explained why this question will be helpful for us all! I like how you are not making fears negative and explaining your research process and the questions to find out the answer! Good luck on the rest of your research!

  8. hey anannya! phobias are so interesting and I hardly know anything about them. I’ve wondered why some people are afraid of certain things and others aren’t. I love how you’re trying to help others understand where their fears come from, and i think your 3 mini questions are great starts to answering your question! I’m looking forward to your future posts, good luck!!!

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