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Hi guys just to refresh on my inquiry question it is “what are the greatest impacts on low income children? and how can we use these factors to solve this issue?”

Step 1) 

Where are the main demographics of children/ low income families from?

I believe it is important to research where this matter is happening in order to understand why. Many cultural and societal differences show how some countries have a high rate of low income families while many countries don’t. Researching this can lead to an answer as to what we can change in our societies.

Step 2) 

What are some of the common factors within these demographics?

Most common contributors to poverty and low income have to do with lack of education, no proper health care systems, lack of jobs, climate change, and inequality. By researching the main factors we can dig deep into what is the cause and how we can solve those issues in order to tackle the bigger picture.

Step 3) 

What causes these factors?

By researching the causes of these factors we can learn from what we have done in the past, how it affected our present, and how we can move forward in the future. Granted it is accepted that there is no one cause, by starting at a point within all of these root factors, we can slowly take action to better our future.


 valid sources I used: 

Poverty and low income is an issue that affects millions around the world. When we stop raising awareness about such an important issue globally, we stop caring about those around us. This matter is something that can be solved with little steps, and by educating those around us about these issues, acting together we can help solve this matter.

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  1. Hi Sanam! your inquiry is one that interested me a lot because there are lots of people in the world who struggle to gain any income and because of this sometimes they do not even get the chance to attend school and learn. your three questions are very related to your main topic and they are all key points to how you will gain an idea of what your answer might be! Best wishes!

  2. Hey Sanam,
    Awesome question, I strongly that researching this topic, spreading awareness is very important if we want to change these effects and improve the lives of so many. Millions of children in this world lack the opportunities to learn, grow and even survive because of effects of poverty. As you mentioned, there are multiple organisations who try to aide and relieve these effects on children who face being low income. Yet, it is still saddening to know that there are still lots of children who do not receive this support. I love what you said in steps 2 and 3 about fixing this issue at the root in order to make an impact on the bigger picture as well as, how we must learn from our past mistakes. These are both very true statements that I agree with completely and that I am I glad you are shining light on. To help, here are a select few websites that can hopefully help you find the answer you are looking for.

    I am eager to read your next post. Good luck!
    Chantal M.

  3. Hi Sanam,
    I think the steps for your research are well organized and detailed.
    I also always what would happen to the kids in Africa (countries that do not have access to education etc.). Many charities going on that help (similar to what we’re doing now), but how many have received help? And how many are still lacking these needs?
    Can’t wait to see your results!

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