Medicine we find in plants.



What is medicine? Any substance or substances used in treating disease or illness.(1) There are  many herbs plants that give medicine, some of these plants are Ginkgo, turmeric, flax seeds, lavender and echinacea(2). These plants cacan be used in treating wounds or diseases. 

Medicine is removed from plants in different ways, for example by  grinding, drying, burning and boiling. There are other types of medicine that do not come from plants they are made by chemicals.(3)

There are good types of drugs and bad types of drugs. The bad ones are the harmful drugs which people abuse.  Some plants that give drugs are Opium, cannabis and tobacco.(4)Plants have been used as medicine for a very long time and will surely be used in the future.


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  1. Hi Mary,

    Your question really draws me in! I think there is a lot of debate about plant-based medicine and how it treats illnesses. It would be interesting if you researched the difference between those medicines and ones administered in a hospital. Do you think people underestimate the power of plant-based medicine? I feel like I hear about it existing but I haven’t seen anyone treat an illness with it.

    Here are some hopefully helpful links,

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Mary,
    I like your topic! Herbs that can be used for medicine are not talked about enough. I use peppermint oil for my headaches and it helps so much! The smell as well as the cool feeling soothes headaches. Here are some sources about this if you would like to read more:
    can’t wait to read your next posts
    ~Nikki S.

  3. Mary,
    This was a very interesting read! Question, will you be looking into certain plants that help create medicine? Are you planning to look into some of the history of how people discovered that plants can be used as medicine?
    Overall, this was such a great read! Thank you for sharing and I am looing forward to your future posts!
    Best of luck!

  4. This is really cool, I didn’t even think about how many medicines actually come from plants. When I here medicine, I usually just think about the ones that come already in pill form and reading this reminded me that most start from plants.

  5. This is such an interesting topic. As an chinese person my family often used plant herbs for any physical discomfort we have. Will you be going more in-depth into how medicine is extracted from the plants? That would be so fascinating to look into. I don’t know a lot about the chemicals of medicines, and i really enjoyed reading your post. Good job!!

  6. Wow, what a fascinating topic! I like how you touched on a few of the plants used as medicine. I would love to learn more! How were these plants discovered? What are their medicinal properties? Are natural medicines better than extracted medicines?

    Here are a few sources:

    Good luck with your future posts!:)

  7. I find this topic really interesting. Its surprising how little I and many others actually know about medicine, I didn’t know there were different ways to remove it from plants and how some medicine is made from chemicals. I enjoyed learning about this topic and would love to hear more about it in the future.

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