Poster ad

These are some poster advertisements my partner and I created for the candy store.


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  1. Hey Bridget,

    A candy store sounds so fun! I like that you had a catchy slogan on your poster. The logo is also very fun and gravitating! Maybe for the second one, you could put a line under the word candy to indicate that it is header. This way it doesn’t seem like candy is one of the things being listed but instead people will be able to tell that you are listing the candies you have at the store. Hope this helped and good luck!

  2. Hi bridget!
    The posters looks amazing! The colour palette and the images you chose was well suited. The bar code is really helpful and continent. The specialties and images that represent them was a great touch. Personally, Canva is a great tool to use to create posts and posters, and you can explore and find different templates and little clipart images as well as fonts.
    I look forward to your future posts! good job!!

  3. Dear Bridget,

    I love that you used Canva for the posters; I love the app and website with a passion!

    I’m sure Sweeties loves the posters, and in the digitalized world, you can even encourage Sweeties to promote themselves on social media networks as well.

    If you’re interested Bridget, Canva has hundreds of blog posts categorized by whichever design you are looking to make!

    Here is one I recommend with a bunch of templates for you to utilize:
    Free Retail Posters Templates to customize | Canva:

    Looking forward to more updates from you! Great work!

    Warm Regards,


  4. Hi Bridet,
    These posters look so amazing! I like how you added many different images. I love the colour scheme in the first one and the title in the second one really pops! It’s nice how you used a bright colour for the title. Can’t wait to see your other posters

  5. Bridget,
    Wow the posters you and your partner created look wonderful! The different images are great and they seem to really pop out! Overall, great job on your posters! I think Canva was a great idea to create the posters on!
    Looking forward to your future posts,
    Best of luck!

  6. Hi Bridge!
    Your poster is very detailed!!! I love the way you structured it and especially liked how you also added a Scan Bar code so that people can easily scan it since everyone has their phone on them it will very easy. I also love how you laid out your specialties as well as having pictures that represent them. Also, a picture of the address is a very good idea because many people tend to her lost very easily. I also do sometimes.

    -Lokshana 🙂

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