Sweeties- Questions and answers

Who owns this business? Any partnerships? I, Amy Sentis, am a sole proprietor of Sweeties Candy and Gifts. It started as a partnership, but my partner moved away for health reasons. 


What sort of products do you sell? We sell,a variety of candy, confections and speciality items from all over the world with a focus on English products.


What is your pricing strategy and why? Our pricing strategy is Margin based with competitive rates within our demographic. We offer speciality prices on bulk candy for more fun mix and match. 


Where is it located? We are located in Berwick, NS. 


What do you think makes you a unique business compared to other companies in the same business? We really listen to our customers and often put out requests for suggestions. We also follow a relationship marketing strategy to really emotionally engage with our customers. 


What inspired you to start this business? My mother was my inspiration. She passed away in 2015 and prior to her passing she had a massive stroke. She developed aphasia from her stroke and called everyone “lil sweetie” as she was unable to speak properly. She also LOVED candy. She always had peppermints of jellybeans in her purse. I really wanted to do something that brought joy to people and remind me everyday of the person she was. 



When did you begin this process? I decided to open explore the option in September of 2019 and had our doors open by October 15, 2019. I really sink my teeth into things when I’m passionate. 


When did you open? October 15, 2019


What problem do you think this business solves/ what do you think this business provides for the community? I feel like it’s been a great addition to the community as the closest speciality candy store is in Bedford. I also feel like it provided a sense of wonder and fun to our community! 


What are your future plans for this company? We are hoping to expand and open new locations in the future, although we will end to wait for Covid restrictions to lift before we do so. 


Is your income from this business generally positive each month? Yes. We have been fortunate to operate in the black each month with the exception of the close down for three months during the Covid initial outbreak. 


Which parts of your business are non-profitable? Our business is 100% profitable. Although we do donate to charity and local causes as much as possible. 


What is your client retention rate? Our client retention is high! Who doesn’t love candy! 


Do many of your customers refer you to other people? Yes! Referrals are the lifeblood of our business. We are often shared on social media and have gained a following of over 5000 people. 


What is your social media strategy? Social media is our go to. We provide many like and share contests and even do Facebook live shopping parties where people can shop from home. We are now diving into TikTok and Instagram to tackle those demographics.


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