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Hi, my name is Bridget Allen and I’m a grade 12 student at West Kings in NS. I’m originally from England but I moved to Canada when I was 8. My interests include; painting, swimming and I love the beach. My project is on a new local candy shop. I picked this one because a) I am good friends with the owner and b) they specialize in British candy and since that’s where I’m from, I love having a place to get all my childhood treats.

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  1. Hi Allen, shake my five, Am Allan,
    I hope to see some of your works on painting. I see you chose to do a project on British Candies. Did you get a lot of them during trick or treat (well, if you have the Halloween custom)?

  2. Hi Bridget!

    I love the beach too! It’s supper cool that you used to live in England, I’ve always wondered what I’d be like to live there. Is it very different than here? I’m excited to see your project,
    -Jasmine 🙂

  3. Hey Bridget!
    England is a very cool place! Most of my family live there and they all love it! It’s a great place to travel. Which area did you live in?
    For your project, are you hoping to specifically research the British candy of this local shop and how they make it? Perhaps, you can compare British treats to Canadian treats as well.

    Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  4. Hey Bridget!

    Interesting to learn a little bit more about yourself. I have three questions for you:
    1. What was the most memorable experience from your time in England?

    2. What is your favourite treat from the shop?

    3. Which good beaches are there out in Nova Scotia?

    Really looking forward to your answers – both out of curiosity and for potential future travelling purposes 😉

    Looking forward to seeing your progress in your project! I would also suggest: interviewing the shop owner, finding out how the business started, and what their plans for growth are in the future.

    Warm Regards,


  5. Hi Bridget!
    Interesting interests you have there. I also love swimming!
    How will you be doing the meeting with your local shop? will it be via zoom ( or other online sources) or in person?

    Looking forward to reading your project,
    Lokshana 🙂

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