Blog #1 : “Does money bring happiness?”

Hi guys,

I decided to do another inquiry project and my question is: “Does money bring happiness?”

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I chose this topic because I want to know who’s life is better: the Poor or the Rich ( with a stable income, not necessarily a billionaire). I’ve always learned about poor countries through school presentations, social media, news, etc… And we all know that they don’t have a stable income as most of us here in Canada do; however, the questions that many people ask is “How can they be happy with insufficient money?” and instantly, I think about whether the people who have a stable income, and can buy anything they want, are they happy all the time? Is their life filled with happiness?…. Another reason why I chose this topic, is because the question: “does money bring happiness” was once asked by several of my teachers throughout my high school journeys and the answers of most of my classmates were that money is the ONLY “precious” thing that brings happiness in life because you get to spend on anything you want. And I couldn’t answer that question because I was somehow against it and I didn’t know why and I still down know why…  And I hope that throughout my research I am able to get my answer to my question:)

Thank you! ( if you have any suggestions, ideas, tips, feedback or anything – I’m open 🙂 )


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  1. Hello Lokshana,

    You have an astonishing way of thinking. I love the questions you ask in this post, they provoke such a good sense of seeking understanding and knowledge. I have to agree, not everyone who is super rich gets to be happy for the rest of their lives just because of money.

    In my opinion, money does bring happiness, but in small quantities, in short bursts, only for a certain amount of time. Sometimes money can grant you positive experiences too, for example, dining in a restaurant or buying a new phone. But most of the time, relationships are important too. Just imagine the difference between hanging out at the mall with a few of your close friends, or alone. The difference is abnormally large. Since there are a lot of differences on people who have friends at their side or not, maybe you could try researching on how money works with people who have a lot of friends and with people who have no friends too.

    I also am completely enthralled with your inquiry question. I love how you came up with this question using your own personal experiences, it really shows how much this topic connects to you.

    I can’t wait to read your upcoming rounds of research,

    Karen Zoulau

  2. Hi Lokshana,

    This is a wonderful question you have chosen! I do look forward to your research as it is in real-life application. Can I ask what your 3 rounds will look like? I also think you should look into Financial Times.

    Warm Regards,


  3. Hi Lokshana,
    This is an interesting question you have chosen! I have heard many different opinions on whether people think money brings happiness, but I am very curious about how you will go about this topic!
    I am looking forward to your future posts!
    Best of luck with your three rounds of research!

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