Blog Post #1 – Should we clone humans?

Hello everyone! 

Inquiry Question: Should we clone humans? 

The reason why I have chosen to look into if we should clone humans or not is that for many years now, cloning has been a big thing and there have been many trial and errors, but there have also been many successes in cloning animals, specifically. However, cloning humans, not so much. Scientists have actually never been able to clone a whole human. I will be specifically looking into cloning humans as there have been many successes in animals, but not humans. I want to look into what cloning is, the advantages, disadvantages etc…Personally, I am quite shocked humans have not been cloned yet, but there are many reasons behind why scientists have not yet cloned any humans. Such as ethical issues which I would like to dive into learning more about. Overall, I want to learn more about cloning in general and share that knowledge with everyone here!

I hope you guys will enjoy reading my future rounds of research on cloning!

Thank you!

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  1. Hello Karina,

    Your inquiry question is truly fascinating. Knowing that cloning can happen in animals makes it a little strange that not much have been done on humans. This question makes me wonder if we could ever bring extinct animals back from cloning them like this. I do know that people clone dogs and the cloning has been successful in a lot of tries that I have read, but it does also make me wonder about humans too. I have also found a document that says that human cloning in Canada is strictly prohibited. I also noticed that over 30 countries do the same. Plus, there are a lot of defects found inside cloning animals including lameness and defects in vital organs such as the brain, liver or heart. Cloning organs or limbs are different though, but ways of doing so have not yet been founded.

    Here are the sources I find interesting and may aid in your research:

    Good luck on your future posts,

    Karen Zoulau

    • Karen,
      Thank you!
      Yes yes, I am also quite curious if we could ever bring back extinct animals. Mhm, I have also heard about the defects with cloning and such! Thank you for the sources! I will definitely check them out!

  2. Hi Karina,
    very interesting topic! Personally, the only time I ever thought about cloning humans was when I watched a movie called “Gemini Man” (highly recommend watching :)) And I believe that it would be cool to be able to clone humans…. then there will be possibilities to be at several places at different times. Will, you also be researching whether there will be differences if a human is cloned? For example, personality, knowledge, or memories wise?

    Thank you,
    -Lokshana 🙂

    • Lokshana,
      Thank you!
      Mmmm, I have never heard of “Gemini Man”. The title of the movie sounds interesting, however! I will definitely add it to my list of movies to watch! Now that you have mentioned it, I will look into the differences if a human is cloned. From what I have briefly researched, cloned humans will behave differently and will have different memories as they would be in a different environment while growing up! I will definitely look more into it though now that you have mentioned it!

  3. Hey Karina, great job on your post! This is such an interesting and creative question! I, like most people, have obtained nearly all my information about the process of cloning human beings from movies and other forms of pop culture, so being able to access a researched breakdown of the topic and its morality will be very interesting to see. I cannot wait to read the rest of your inquiry project as it is uploaded! I also have one question for you: Do you think cloned humans should be treated the same as natural human beings, receiving the same rights and deserving the same respect?

    • Victor,
      Thank you!
      Ahh, I am glad you are interested in my question as I was nervous people may not be interested in the topic of cloning. That is a very interesting question you asked, Victor! Hmm, I do think that if scientists will clone humans one day that cloned humans should be receiving the same rights and should deserve the same respect as natural humans! I find it quite interesting to think if we will even be able to tell a clone apart from a natural human! What do you think, Victor? Do you think cloned humans should be treated the same as natural humans and should receive the same rights and respect?

  4. Hi Karina,
    I really love your question! I am so, so interested in genetics and biology. I find it very interesting that it is possible to make clones of humans. Will you be discussing the pros and cons of doing this? Do you personally believe that it is ethical to clone humans?

    Good luck,
    Nikki S.

    • Nikki,
      Thank you!
      I will be talking about the pros and cons of cloning! My goal is to not sound bias throughout my rounds of research so we will see how that goes. Now, to answer your question! Personally, from what I have briefly read, I think it is not ethical to clone humans. However, I have not done much research at all and am very interested to read about the ethical issues as well as the pros of cloning! I find it quite scary to think that scientists may one-day clone humans! May I ask what do you think of cloning humans, Nikki? Do you think it is ethical?

  5. Hi Karina,

    Wow, what an intriguing question for research! I do look forward to your research as it is something to be further explored, and your research does render this for a guided review for students. Can I ask what your 3 rounds will look like? I also think you should look into some of these resources:

    Warm Regards,


    • Galicia,
      Thank you!
      As I do not have a set plan of how my three rounds of research will look like as of right now, I will give the rough plan: In my first round of research, I am thinking of talking about what is cloning and a little bit of the history of cloning. The second round of research may just be advantages of cloning and the final round may be the disadvantages of cloning. Not entirely sure if I will stick to this plan, but we will see.

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