Post 2 How will fashion change in the next 20 years

Hello, My question is how will fashion change in the next 20 years. I chose this question because in the year 2040 it is said that the Caucasian population will start to die down. I want to research on how this change in main races will change our fashion standards and what we wear. At first, I will look at how people dressed in the past 20 years because a few trends for the 80s and 90s are coming back, I want to see if this can show me anything about how it will look in the future. Second, I will research this question and look at articles from credible fashion sources. This can help me because the people who wrote these articles study fashion in school. I can read their opinions and writings and findings the source like to use. Finally, I will look at how the modelling scene will look like in 20 years. Because with the change of races they want of models will be different and everyone cant wears the same clothes the same way. With more diverse models in this industry, there will be more change from the current industry. This will also change how the luxury clothing of 2040 will look like as even now our definitions of luxury are changing, Gucci and Louis Vuitton started making more comfortable clothing then the traditional luxury.


I think this question will really show light on how our world is changing every day, by the year 2040 the population will be more mixed race than white. This will shed light on how everyone in every culture will be seen as beautiful in the future as we will be more diverse. I wanted to study this because I’d love to see a world where all people no matter what race, gender or sexual orientation will be seen as beautiful in a more diverse. This also helps people in my community learn about how the world will change in every way whether it is technology, the population, fashion or fashion with a mix of technology with Chanel’s LED boy bag. Showing everyone a glimpse of our fabulous hopefully more diverse future.

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  1. Hi Vianna,

    Your question is really interesting! I haven’t actually given any thought to how the current minorities may change in the future. There would be many things that would change if minority numbers drastically changed; Fashion would be one of them. To start your research off by looking back is a good idea, but I think you should start with fashion trends that are going on around the world for people who will move into the majority category in 2040. That way you know where you’re looking and then you can look back into the fashion history of those people. You also have to think about how magazines and such are trying to be more diverse. What would change if those magazines were mainly run by our current minorities. Are you saying that there isn’t enough representation?

    Here are some links that may help:

    Good luck!

    -Shieva Mokhtarnameh

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