My role models & why?

Role models… well everyone has a role model in their life to admire and inspire them in making a decision. It can be a parent, superhero or just someone they admire. For me, my role models are of course my family, but another important role model for me is all the different people I come across in life. Whether it’s someone who hurt me or was rude, mean, racist whatever personality may it be… they have always been an inspiration to me. I gain experiences and knowledge to face the world. As we are aware that everyone in the world is different and unique from everyone else and so they have different perspectives, opinions, thoughts and experiences of life. And by meeting new people I always find myself learning and expanding my knowledge. Therefore, after my family and friends, my role models are everyone I interact with; whether it be an animal because there was a time where I witnessed a goose saving a puppy (newborn who was lost) from drowning and that moment was the perfect picture of humanity (would animality be a word for animals? 🤔). I was surprised to see that because I learned that even if the other person in need is not your kind, they also need to have problems like everyone else. And giving them a hand is not only helping them but also helping our world. How? Well because when we are helping that one person, We are motivating them to help others and just like that if everyone starts helping everyone in need… the world would be just PERFECT!

Ok… I’ll stop here 😂 I look forward to your opinions guys😊

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  1. I love how you touched upon how role models can be anyone, and we should aim to inspire each other! Wonderful read as well with your details and distinct examples.

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