Project 2 inquiry learning

Hi this is Simone, I believe that all people should have education in every aspect. Also thank you everyone who commented and gave me links towards this, it was really helpful!!

Education is important for everyone, any religion, gender, region, and age group. Education give you the information that could end up changing the way you think, your values, habits and skills, to help you improve. Getting proper education is a birth right. It should not be something that you have to fight for and are being kept from. This is what is going on in your own world, were you live, why should you be deprived of knowing things?! Education also can help with your confidence level in so many ways, one to be able to have a conversation with someone and know what to say, to be confident in knowing how to say something and having your opinion with facts to back it up!

Some of the worst places for the education system (due to the data in 2019) is Texas, Africa, Arizona, Arkansas and many more places within them. These are just some of the many. There are too many places with such unjust systems for all people, for most it has been he hardest for woman. In Burkina Faso, they do not expect that students will make it to eighth grade. Around 29% of adults are literate and only around 2% of the citizens have a secondary education at all. This is something that needs to change, the people living here have become used to this and some dot even realize just how important education really is. Luckily there has been improvements towards this, reducing gender gaps in education. This is just one of the many places in Africa that should have a better education system!!

Everyone struggles with math, it is a universal struggle. Canadians have pressure to do well in school, to find good jobs and a good career path, but imagine people in places like pa-moja, doing well in school is not only for things like that, but defines your future. Its everything!! We Canadians, Americans, anyone who has a choice, I believe take advantage or just don’t realize how hard it must be in other places. There is also the problem of over population. Families have children and enrole them into school, this makes it difficult for the teachers as they have a crowded class room. Many places with not great education systems are also poor, they do not have the regular equipment, that we take for granted, to teach properly. For example, books-textbook, pencils, paper, crayons, chairs, tables, ext. This all creates a huge problem and makes it so the students aren’t getting the help they need to even have the chance to do well. Since around the 2000s, close to an extra 36 million children in primary schools, as well as, more than 90 million children in secondary school than in 2000. Some of this also is due to governments and NGOs trying to get more students into schools. This is not a bad thing because of course we want as many kids as possible to learn and have the chance to have good education, but we then would need more teachers and school supplies. I just feel these types of things are things that people should know and are important for everyone.

Places like China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and Liechtenstein have much better education systems. As well as, Finland, which is often pointed to as an example of an excellent school system, continued to perform well. This type of information and everything I have said on this post intrigues me, just to know things that are going around the world. I feel it is important to let others know and spread the word. 🙂

Ways to improve this system:

  • Educate parents and others toward how important education is and how far it can take people in many ways -> around 759 million adults do not know how to read and write, they do not know how to improve the conditions for themselves and their children, for them to understand the importance is crucial for the students as well
  • This also applies to how students need to learn leadership skills, teamwork and critical thinking. This will help with shifting away from standardized learning, were students can find new ways to change the world and prepare them to make a positive impact.
  • reduce the cost of education -> most adults do not enrole there children, because of the school fees
  • lunch and teaching about nutrition ->  around 66 million students are hungry, this effects there learning, understanding during class and general achievements. Students should learn how to eat healthy and sometimes parents do not know due to being uneducated in this regard. This is why school lunch programs are so important. this is were many of these students get a chance to properly eat.
  • resources for teachers -> in out time, computers are a big part of out lives, they allow so much information to be given and understood. This is something the students should be able to have with an their age level. They should also be able to have paper, textbook and such and a quality that relates to our world now.

Teachers have every important role in all of this, but we need good teachers with the proper training and be able to teach students with different learning styles. These teachers also would need to travel to places were they are most needed, as well as have the support for teaching, being able to explain and how to tackle challenges that rise during school.

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  1. Hey Simone,

    Great research round on the importance of everyone receiving an education. As a grade 12 student with a mother who is a public school teacher, I agree with your points on having good educators who know how to handle all situations. This time period is a prime example of how teachers can be very adaptable and able to continue our education to the best of their ability through online courses. Overall, you brought up some amazing points on educating parents, assuring students receive proper nutrition, but some of these major points lead back to the students home life and the suppport of the family. Perhaps you could research about the impacts of the student’s home life and the sucess of their education as well as I think it would be interesting to look into how countries such as Finland and China have lead great educations for students compared to certain states within the US like Texas. Anyways this is a great topic you have choosen and here are some links for the future.

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