Project Inquiry 3.5 – Bees, starting action.

This will sort of be an informal/formal post.

I’ve decided to film a 1-2 minute film about a farmers results when they included bees.

After looking at many sites from the last post and doing research of my own I think it’s time I start some action. Because although talking about it and informing people is important nothing will be done by just knowing. But knowing is the first step.

So my first plan of action… This is kind of a tough thought because I’m not completely sure where to start. Would it help to text or call a radio station? Asking them to read a small text about pesticides. Pros: Radio is the biggest mass media. Cons: Stations don’t do free PSA’s or advertising. Pro: Maybe if I call or text every day.

Calling local farmers? Pros: Inside opinions and their insight on the gardening/pesticide/exporting food industry Cons: Do they already know and would they even be willing to listen, if they did know.

Talking to managers of big food corporations like Save-On-Foods, Walmart and more or even talking to small local grocery stores, to see if they actually know where they are getting there food and if they know who the farmers are and what they are doing to the plants pre-sale. For reference I know a blueberry farmer that told me a story about how if a person put too many pesticides on their plants or they just weren’t up to selling code they would sell these pesticide covered blueberries to non-GMO, organic grown, grocery stores. (You know the place you go to get organic food.) So when people bought them they thought they would be safe and organic and healthy to eat, but no. Pros: Insight on how they manage food coming in and where it comes from and opinions Cons: My email might go to spam or they may never see it or they may just trash it.

Back to action step 1. I will find a farmer that uses bees and ask to talk and film them.

Next post: Formal post about alternatives.

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  1. Hi Vienna,

    I love your topic because when we buy our foods from grocery store we don’t really know the back round of the fruit or vegetable. How was it produced GMOs no GMOs etc. We also have commercials that inform you that they have the best fertilizer no this no that but do they just not include tho ingredients on the list so you think that you are buying something safe. Companies may also make synthetic products that hurt animals, pets, people, and sometimes we don’t know that things are synthetic or not. These may be also things you look into.

    Looking forward to your next research round!

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