About the Grade 5 PA-MOJA Club

Hi, this is Ava and Haunnah from Mrs. Illes’s grade 5 class. We speak on behalf of our class when we say we are happy to be on this site with you. Butterfly allows us to connect with other kids in Canada and Kenya. Our teacher Mrs. Illes started a grade 5 PA-MOJA club in our school, Langley Fine Arts. We all enjoy learning how to help others. There are 29 people in our class, and 58 students in our grade. PA-MOJA club organizes fundraisers and events like bake sales, Harry Potter Day (YAY!) and World Rhino Day. All the profits go to PA-MOJA.
At LFAS, we are encouraged to think outside the box, and to be creative in the ways we help PA-MOJA grow. How do you want to help globally?

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