Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence in pursuit of political aims . There are several types of terrorism  i.e

  1. Dissent terrorism – terrorist groups which rebell aganist thier goverment.
  2. state sponsered – they act on goverment or state
  3. Religious terrorism -this are terrorism groups which are religiously motivated.

Criminal terrorism – this are terrorists whoes acts aid in and criminal profit .


Terrorism began with the french revolution and has envolved  ever since. The most common cause of terrorism include ,  culture clashes globlization , religion .

More personal  or individual base reasons for terrorism are frusration ,depreviation , negative identify and moral disengagement

impacts of terrorism to the economy


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  1. Hey Nyaga,

    Interesting post on terrorism. Sadly, it has affected many different parts of our world and with groups such as ISIS, it can be quite scary. I believe this is an important topic to research because recently there has been an incident that affected our community. A plane taking off from Iran and scheduled to land in Ukraine was a popular flight for many Canadians. There were 63 Canadians on board this flight and no survivors. Rumors were spread that the plane was shot down by a missile or it faced malfunctions; however, if it happened to be a missile theories point to a stray missile from a terrorist attack. Although the plane wasn’t the target, many innocent lives were taken. This is one of many examples of how terrorism negativity impacts many people’s lives. I hope you continue with this topic and here is the website with the story attached.

    Lauren 🙂

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