What would happen if you didn’t have enough blood in your body??


My inquiry project is about blood and its components. Blood is of importance in our body, and it plays a big role because without it we cannot survive. I am interested in this topic because I want to understand more about the components and teach people about them. The components also help by playing their different roles which assist in the body. I will be looking at all the main components of the blood. Blood helps in the circulatory system. I also want to know how the cells help in the body process such as clotting and others. Blood cells play an important role in the human body, and when I grow up, I want to become a doctor I want to be able to know how the cells carry out their functions in the body. My three rounds of research are:

   1: Red blood cells- How they Facilitate the carrying of oxygen. What happens if you don’t have enough?

  1. White blood cells- How they help in fighting diseases. What happens if you don’t have enough?

    3.Platelets- How they impact clotting and other activities in general. What happens if you don’t have enough? 

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  1. hi Miriam,

    I think your topic is quite investing and something I would not have though of otherwise. i look forward to your next post

    here are some links that you might find useful



  2. Hi Miriam,
    I love your topic as it is something that all humans live with essentially, but not a topic we think about even though blood/blood cells are the most important way to ensure that our body parts are working effectively! I’ve always thought about how the circulatory system works but not in detail as it is something we as humans have working every day! If you’d like you could also research what causes certain people not to have enough of for example white/red blood cells and how it affects them!
    Here’s a link I found regarding that topic that may be of some help to you!
    Good luck with your research!

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