How do infections, contribute to structural and functional alterations in the nervous system?

                                         WHY I AM INTERESTED IN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM

The nervous system is a complex and vital part of the human body, playing a crucial role in maintaining homeostasis, allowing for communication between different parts of the body, and enabling various bodily functions. I’m interested in learning how the nervous system is responsible for coordinating and controlling all bodily activities. It regulates everything from basic reflexes to complex processes like thinking and problem-solving. Another reason is because I want to understand how the nervous system allows us to perceive and respond to the environment. It processes information from our senses (such as sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) and helps us interact with our surroundings. Lastly, it is to know how the nervous system can contribute to some diseases if it fails or malfunctions.


  1. Understanding the nervous system and how it coordinates body activities and transmission of impulses.
  2. How is the nervous system impacted by Parkinson’s Disease?
  3. How is the nervous system impacted by Strokes?

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  1. Hi Peter,

    I loved reading your post about your interest in the nervous system, I too have always found it interesting. I also liked your questions about how it impacts Parkinson’s disease and strokes. My grandfather had a stroke and when he recovered, all we did was chat about what it felt like all around his body. I found a link to a medical research essay pdf explaining more about the nervous system I think you might find helpful in your research.

    Best of luck,

  2. Hello, Peter.
    Despite my lack of understanding of the processes of the human body, I enjoyed reading your blog post. According to my understanding, the nervous system, along with other physiological systems such as those you mentioned, play an important part in how we interact with our surroundings. You performed a fantastic job describing this subject, especially because the body is complicated and has numerous functions that aid in our perception of our natural environment. Perhaps you could do a study into how our senses and nervous systems interact to help us comprehend the world around us, and how we can use this body knowledge to have a beneficial influence on our community.
    I’m excited to read your next blog post.

    Here are some resources,basic%20biology%20and%20,and%20touch%20(tactile%20perce

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