Blog post 7 – Pt 2


  1. My partner and I faced many challenges during our project from safety, to making time, to finding rides. We overcame all these challenges by talking to one another and trying to work the problems out. After time we started to realize that finding a time that works for my partner, a ride and I was tricky, we would plan earlier, instead of leaving it to last minute. Another challenge that was big was our own safety. Since we were around homelessness a lot during our project, we wanted to make sure we always felt safe with all the bad things in the areas we were in. We would always plan before we went just in case something happens and we felt unsafe. Luckily, nothing happened but it was good to be prepared. Since we had gone out with Kristy Blakeway before and she had told us what to look for, it helped us feel safe. 
  2. This action changed the way I think in so many ways. This project showed me the impact our lives can have in such a short time. No matter who it is we need to treat everyone evenly because we never know what they have gone through. Not everyone’s past is perfect, and we must respect that. This project reminds me that every little thing helps and whatever I can give can benefit someone. After seeing everything I did out on the streets and simply listening to what each person we talked to had to say makes me so grateful for everything I have, from a roof over my head, my friends, family and the school I go to, food and everything else in my life.  
  3. This action project will change my future decisions by reminding me how grateful I am for food, family, friends, a roof over my head, and everything else. When thinking back to the days we know we helped people in many ways, it will remind me that no matter what I do I can have a small impact on someone’s life. In the future it will remind me to never judge someone for their actions and to never assume anything about anyone’s life since you never know what is going on in it. 
  4. The action project my partner and I did has so far had an impact on my family, her family, our friends and Kristi Blakeway’s family. Since Kristi does this a lot, she has a blog post on all the times she has been downtown and when she went to help us, she wrote on her blog post about the experience we had that day. Anyone who read the blog post with hopefully be impacted by Daniels story to keep their heads up high. After meeting a special person named Daniel and hearing his story, we texted his family and we never knew if they got the messages since they did not respond but hopefully our messages impacted them to look out for their family. Anyone can learn from our experience of going to talk to the homeless and reminds them to never judge and to always give what you can even if its little, it will always help.  

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