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Hey guys! I started the Social Responsibility course a little late so here’s me catching up with my All About Me Post:

My name is Rasee Kachchakaduge and I am sixteen years old. I live in Canada, B.C. Coquitlam and attend school at Dr. Charles Best Secondary. My favourite subject is English.

Share some of your culture or family values, traditions, laws or norms that might be interesting to people who do not know your culture.
Everybody's talking about how Ethan's dad left, but he never got the milk.  Here it is. : ksiMy family is from Sri Lanka and on some New Year’s Evening’s we do this thing where we heat a bowl of milk on the stow, hoping that it will overflow the bowl right before the hand of the clock passes to the New Year. It is believed that milk means prosperity and the milk overflowing the bowl signifies prosperity overflowing into the home for the upcoming year. Many families, including mine, don’t really believe this and don’t do it every New Year’s, but it used to be a tradition in the past. Last year, at a New year’s gathering we did this at a friend’s house and the milk overflowed to the west side. The west side has a negative sign because it is where the sun sets or in other words dies. Considering the terrible things that have happened this year, it seemed to be on point. Or perhaps it was just a coincidence or I had just gotten the direction wrong from the video clip of it but either way, it is just an old Sri Lankan tradition that we sometimes do.

What is your passion?
My passions are reading and writing. I always try to read or write in my free time as they both relax me and help get my mind out of any problems or concerns, which stories tend to do. I read several different genres of books, whether they are science fiction, historical, fantasy or contemporary, they can all be enjoyable and worth the read. I don’t exactly have a favourite genre but some of my most memorable books include: To Kill a Mockingbird, Far From the Tree, Cinder and Little Women.Reading in English: A guide for learners I equally write different genres, which are mostly short stories. In fact, if I could have any job right now, it would be a writer of sorts; whether it’s a screenwriter, magazine writer or a series author.

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  1. Hello Rasee!

    I can see that you like to read! What are you reading right now? Also, what is your favourite genre to write about right now?

    It’s also really cool that you still partake in traditions. I myself am Persian but we don’t really do a whole lot of traditional stuff. It’s great to keep that stuff going even if you only do it sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Shieva Mokhtarnameh

  2. Hi Rasee,
    Welcome to ButterFly Effects!
    I love the old tradition that they had in Shri Lanka, it is very interesting. I’m a Hindu (not from India) and we also have that as one of our old traditions. Instead in our culture we only do it when we just brought a new house, but it is the same idea of bringing in prosperity and good spirit.

    What kind of short stories did you recently write?

    thank for sharing,
    Lokshana 🙂

    • Hi Rasee! Oh my gosh, I cant believe that happened haha, i would definitely blame it on the milk! I think its such an interesting tradition, normally I would try to avoid letting the milk overflow the pot so its funny that in Sri Lanka its something to look forward too! Ypu mentioned that you like reading, thats very awesome! I like reading too but im not the best at keeping track so I take forever haha. Your career interests sound very fun! Its very nice that you have some direction as to where you want to go!
      ~Mariana 🙂

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