Challenges I have Faced

What are some challenges you have faced and how do you get through them?

 As human beings we face many challenges but what determines the difficulty of the challenge is how we deal with them.  Different people have different ideologies of dealing with their problems, some of which are better than others. 

 I have encountered some challenges and I have managed to solve some on my own, and others I asked for help.  One of the major challenges was choosing friends. It was hard for me to choose who to trust and not to trust and most of the time I ended up choosing the wrong company.  I decided to involve a third party to try and help me choose the friends wisely.  I approached one of the youth leaders in our church and told him about the challenge I was facing.  He told me that I had to observe the behaviour of some of the people I wanted to befriend and if their behaviour matched that of mine then I could make them friends.

I also faced difficulties in my school life especially in my academic work. I had some challenges in understanding some subjects, particularly maths and sciences. I tried my level best to work myself through them on my own, but I couldn’t.  I decided to seek help from my subject teachers and they  offered me some ways to overcome the challenges. I was advised to go and look for my classmates who really did well in the various subjects I had difficulties in.  Once I  determined the top students, the next step was to approach them and explain my problem to them.  I did exactly as I had been advised.  We started solving the problems together and slowly by slowly I was also getting better and better thanks to my teachers and friends. 

I  had a challenge with my knees and I really needed some help with what I would do.  I decided to share  my problem with one of my close friends.  He suggested that we join the school basketball team. He assured me that it would help because there is a lot of jumping up and down which really strengthens the knees.  We joined the basketball team and for sure my knees slowly became stronger and stronger again. 

Over the years I have realised that if you have a big problem it is good to ask for help.



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  1. Hello David! I very much enjoyed reading your post of these challenges you have faced. That is great that you found ways to overcome these obstacles😊

  2. Hi David! It’s very interesting, cause even though we live in two very different places, I find that we have similar problems. It’s always hard to chose the right friends, because it’s hard to get to know people’s true intentions. As you said, observing their behaviour and how they act around other people can be a good way to discover what they are like.

    I’ve also had problems with my schoolwork, and I solved the problems by talking to a tutor, similar to how you seeked out the help of your school’s top students. I even have knee problems too! I haven’t quite found a solution to my knee problems yet, but I’m working on it!

    I’m glad that you were able to find creative solutions to all of your problems! I look forward to reading your future posts,
    -Jasmine 🙂

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