Career Goal

My career goal is to become a doctor after I finish school. A doctor is a person trained to treat and restore the health of the sick. I have always wished to do this career since I was in grade one because I loved seeing doctors treat people. One day I saw a doctor treating patients and he was so kind, that’s when I knew that doctors are kind hearted and love helping. The main reason I love this career is because I would love to help people by treating them and also helping the less fortunate in the society. I have never changed what I have wanted to be no matter what people have said.

During my free time I love searching for what it takes to be a doctor. In this career you have to get a high score in sciences and languages. You have to get an A or a B+ to be admitted to the university and train to become a doctor. It takes six years at university to complete and start work.  I love sciences and also math because they will help me become a doctor. 

I love seeing doctors and sometimes I ask them what they did to be where they are. My favourite doctor is Ben Carson although he was a surgeon. I love reading what he did to be the best surgeon. My big dream is that one day I will come up with a cure for incurable diseases like HIV and cancer. I would not like to see people suffer anymore. I would love to give back to society and make it better one day.


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  1. Hi Hannah!

    I’m glad you’ve found a future career that you are so passionate about. I find that over here, people sometimes become doctors for the wrong reasons. These people are often motivated by the wealth and status that comes with being a doctor. In Canada and in Romania where my parents are from, being a doctor is considered an ideal career, that only the smartest people can do. Being a doctor gives you a high social status, and because of that, many people go into medical school with the wrong intentions. But it seems like you have the right intentions! I think that a doctor should be caring, and their goal should be to help other people. That’s the whole point of being a doctor, right?

    I love your big dream, and I think it would be amazing for you to find a cure to a disease like HIV or cancer. As you said, so many people suffer from incurable diseases, and it just takes one smart determined person to come up with a solution.

    I wish you the best of luck in your future career,
    -Jasmine P 🙂

    • Yes you are right that many people want to become doctors so as to be rich and benefit themselves. I love to help others and care for them. What about you what is your career goal

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