About me – Yohan Lee

I am Yohan Lee, I am Korean, I try to live my life on a low profile, but I do make exceptions to certain people, I like follow orders whenever I can.

I would want to try military training since I want to ready myself in any situation I deem hostile.

Trying to learn Japanese…

I am very tired and fatigued most of the time since I find most things boring.

I don’t volunteer or try to help in the community, but in the future I might do it more than right now which is none.

that’s kind of it, I am a very boring person with not a lot of interests, well, I got nothing else to talk about so that’s pretty much it, ask questions if you want, I have a lot of borrowed time.

About yohanlee

I am Yohan Lee, I don't like to do much. and since my life is pretty boring, I don't have much to say

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  1. HEY! Yohan,
    What are your hobbies or what do you enjoy doing at your free time?. It is good to know that you also follow orders because most teenagers do not and they end up spoiling their lives.
    It is also good that you want to do military training which is a good career. Why did you choose to do this and why?

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