Values activity

Part A: What do I value

Read through the statements below and choose the top three statements that are important to you as well as the bottom three statements that are least important to you. Use the values key on the next page to determine which values are most and least important to you.

A) I believe that everyone should have the same opportunities and rights. B. I believe everyone should be allowed to have different ways of living and thinking. C. I believe we should respect an established way of how things have been done. D. I believe people who stand up for their beliefs should be respected and valued. E. I believe it is important to find new and creative ways of doing things.
F. I believe it is important to take care of others and help them meet their needs. G. I believe people should be noticed for their efforts and contributions H. I believe people should be able to seek personal enjoyment and fulfillment I. I appreciate people who guide and inspire others. J. I believe it is important for people to feel connected to and liked by others.
K. I believe that people must understand their own ethical code and stay true to themselves at all times L. I respect and value people who are dedicated and effective at what they set out to do. M. I believe it is important to feel sympathy, care or concern for others. N. I believe it is important to pursue what is fair and morally right. O. I believe people should have chances to experience progress and advancement
P. I believe it is important to continually pursue new skills and self awareness. Q. I believe it is important for people to be able to explore the unknown and test limits. R. I believe everyone should express free will and embrace liberty for others. S. I respect and value people who have the ability to influence others. T. I believe it is important for people to seek connection to a higher purpose.
U. I believe it is important to fulfill your commitments. V. I believe it is important to experience close, ongoing, relationships with others. W. I believe it is important to participate in activities with groups of people and feel connected to them. X. I believe it is important for people to voluntarily do what is expected of them. Y. I believe it is important to nurture the relationships you have with your loved ones and to spend time with them.


Part B: Values assessment:

Values key

A. Equality B. Tolerance C. Tradition D. Courage E. Innovation
F. Helping G. Recognition H. Pleasure I. Leadership J. Belonging
K. Integrity L. Competence M. Compassion N. Justice O. Opportunity
P. Personal Growth Q. Risk R. Freedom S. Power T. Spiritual Growth
U. Reliability V. Friendship W. Community X. Responsibility Y. Family

In your post: address the following:

  1. What are your 3 most important values and your 3 least important values?
  2. Do you agree with the results? Do you think the statements are good descriptions of the values? Do you think there are some values missing?  What do your 3 important values mean to you?
  3. Can you describe a situation where you put into action one or more of the values most important to you? What was the result?
  4. Imagine some future situations where you could put your values into action.
    1. Example: Value: Courage:       Future situation: Your friends are teasing a new student. Action: You stand up for the new student, even thought it would be easier not to. This takes courage.
      1. Value:
      2. Future situation
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