Land clearing describes the removal of native vegetation and deforestation. Native plants and animals are integral to the success of our society. We depend on wildlife to pollinate many of our crops. Most of our cities depend on effective water catchments to provide clean water. And medical scientists are making important breakthroughs in managing disease and health issues based on discoveries in nature.

                        The mental benefits of a “dose of nature” are becoming more widely recognized, on top of our own experiences of having fun and enjoying the natural wonders of national parks. Our nature inspires us in all kinds of ways, and you can build major industries around that; the Great Barrier Reef is reportedly worth lots of money.It is therefore surprising, on one hand Australian government has slashed environment spending one third.

                      On the other hand, I’m not especially surprised because we have been living through the ongoing attack on the environment every day. We see how cuts to environmental budgets play out.Our native species and ecosystems are under growing pressure. Australia’s outstrips many other countries. This is compounded by rises in per-capital consumption and green house emission.Escalating consumption translates into growing impacts on biodiversity as more land is released for housing and infrastructure, extractive industries such as mining, recreational and industrial fishing expand and agricultural intensifies.

                      Climate change further interacts with land clearing associated with producing more for a growing and greedier population. Many species are expected to have to shift their range as the environmental conditions they live in move, and if they can’t move because there is no habitat to move through, extinctions will result.There various  impacts that contribute this in happening ; They include;

Climate change

Land clearing is a major source of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. It has also been found that past clearing of native vegetation contributed to higher temperatures, decreased rainfall and more intense droughts. The removal of vegetation damages the micro climate by removing shade and reducing humidity. It also contributes to global climate change by diminishing the capacity of the vegetation to absorb Carbon dioxide. Land clearing could also be responsible for reduced rainfall levels & possible desertification of land as well as soil erosion.

Deforestation and climate extremes

An organisation checked the impacts on climate extremes and droughts by analyzing daily rainfall and surface temperature.

This work, the first of its kind, demonstrated an increase in the number of dry days (<1mm rainfall) and hot days (maximum temperature >35 °C), a decrease in daily rainfall intensity and cumulative rainfall on rain days, and an increase in duration of droughts under modified land-cover conditions.This has been resulting in longer-lasting and more severe droughts which affect wildlife species in a great rate.

           Land Clearing - Agriculture - Government of New Brunswick - GNB.ca

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Hey Benito,

Wow, awesome research! Deforestation in particular is having a massive effect on climate change and is causing the extinction of many species. Though we often focus on global warming, greenhouse gases and ocean acidification (which are all very real and detrimental to the environment) we sometimes forget to consider deforestation which is perhaps even more detrimental to our planet! 

Keep up the great research!


Hi Bennito Maina!

You have realy done a great research. Deforestation has a great negative effect to the whole world . Not only to wildlife but also to people, like people living in semi- arid parts of kenya barely have enough water to drink ,the whole area has been reduced to dust and they have to walk for long distances to get water.the same applies to animals too.

Many people know the effects of deforestation but are not ready to act against it.are there ways in which we can get people to embrace the rule of planting more trees than we cut down.

hey Benito

your post on wildlife and environment is so nice it is also very educative for us because many people do not know about this th8us creating a very bad habit of killing and destroying the wildlife and the environment.And this has led alot of depopulation and displacement of many animals and treess thus creating desertification and tourism barrier.keep up ion educating us more on how to protect our environment and wildlife.keep it up.

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