What would the world absent of wildlife look like? We might think of a morning without the chiming song of birds, an ocean without whales spouting blasts of sea water beside ships, or a forest without an elephant,a hare,a leopard,a rhino,a buffalo or the king of the jungle the Lion that we all know.                       This is a world we cannot imagine, because it is one we should not imagine.If we continue with the factors affecting stand up together to make sure this incomprehensible possibility of horrific loss of plants and animals is prevented entirely. From bears the bees all living things deserve to live and stay comfortable on land and also on the waters.

          Hence we should avoid the factors affecting wildlife habitats and also their feeding envoronmental areas, If we stop all these deeds leading to only loss of species we shall have taken a step forward on conserving animal and plant species.In past years so many wild animals have died due to cutting of bushes and harvesting of trees in forests.Destruction of the forest lead to animal loss of habitats and hence some animals died due to improper living because someone destroyed the tree that a cricket, a grasshopper or a panda could only call home. Proper care of animals starts with us people because we have the potential and the ability to think and reason for those who can't, we know the best we can give to animals to make them feel Okey.We people and animals have the same right to live in this planet.

Let us not spill poisonous liquids in the seas, lakes and oceans so as to conserve the aquatic animals in them such as the beautiful dolphin, shark and the whale. They resemble beauty and life in the waters and make our faces left in wonder and joy as they swim deep and jump up in the water.It could be so boring in the waters if the fish does not exist in them because we couldn't have anything to observe in the waters except rocks which are not live and breathing.So lets do as much as we can to dispose fumes and harmful liquids in safe places and not in the water so that we can continue enjoying the great and irresistible view in the oceans and lakes. 

We should also avoid releasing harmful gases in the air such as the aerosol sprays and industrial fumes as they affect the birds in wandering above in the air... Say no to cutting of trees, say no to water pollution and also to air pollution.Lets all gung up and save the environment and the animal species in it. 

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Hi Benito!

I completely agree with you - we need to stop releasing so many harmful gases in the air, cutting so many trees and spilling poisonous liquids in bodies of water because these actions can cause considerable harm to the wildlife that live there. Maybe you could look more into the importance of wildlife to us, and why wildlife conservation is so important? 

Here are some websites to help you with that:



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Hi Benito,its a bad thing to find that some people have not yet found the importance of wild animals and still kill them for different reasons that can be satisfied using other resources.Recently in Muran'ga,a county in Kenya has been affected by monkeys that are destroying their farms and they chose to feast on them instead of informing the responsible department to lock the animals in their respective places.the responsibility lies in our hands to create awareness to educate people on the importance of protecting and conserving the animals.Below is a link that will enable you to come up with your next post: http ://www.edurite.com/kbase/advantages-of-wildlife-conservation

Hey Benito, 

Wow, what a thought-provoking round of research. I even liked how you mention that humans and animals both share the right to live on this planet, because it's very true. 
I think it would be very interesting if, in your next round of research, you talked about prevention methods. If you start the post with a warning of what will happen if we do not change as a society, its impacts on us, animals, and the environment, it will truly make us want to keep reading. Then, you can incorporate prevention methods- what we can do to save our ecosystem from deteriorating. Not generalized, but specific things that every single person could do that well have a beneficial impact on our world.

If you are interested in pursuing this idea, here are some links:





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