Most of the teens use e-cigarettes for some reasons this reasons are as follows:

1 Because a friend or family member is using them.

2 The availability of flavours such as mint,candy,fruit,or chocolate.

3 The belief that e-cigarettes are less harmful than other forms of tobacco such as cigarettes.

4 Some teens used  e-cigarettes to try to quit using other tobacco products or simply because famous people on TV or in movies use them.


I think the trend of vaping has become so popular because social media and the idea that is a healthier smoking although there is no proof of that. This leads to people taking this opinions and facts on the matter and forsaking any form of scientific data and research based on these free cigarette alternatives.

I don’t know how they have gained so much popularity but it not uncommon for me to see stories that involve my peers using using vape. It just a social media trend that will hopefully not cause harm to users.

Teens in today’s society see vaping as a sort of social activity that makes them look”cool” infront of their friends. While many have started their bad habit as a simple look.Teens are clearly attracted to the marketable technology and flavouring seen in vaping devices.

Through my research i found out that the key difference between traditional cigarettes and related products is that e-cigarettes don't contain tobacco.But it isn't just the tobacco in cigarettes that causes cancer. Traditional  cigarettes contain a laundry list of chemicals that are proven harmful,and e-cigarettes have some of the same chemicals. The body reaction to many chemicals in traditional cigarette smoke causes long-lasting inflammation,which in turn leads to chronic diseases like bronchitis and heart diseases. Since e-cigarettes also contain many of the same toxic chemicals,then there is no reason to believe that they will significantly reduce the risk for these diseases.


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Hey Trizah, 

Awesome research round on teens and vaping. Sadly, it's very common to see teens vaping due to its popularity throughout social circles. A statement that really stood out to me in your research is "its just a social media trend" because of the truth behind it. It's scary to think that drugs and other substitutes have all been influenced by social media and the issues that have come along with it. I like how you touched upon the misconception that vaping is safer than smoking because as you mentioned there are still harmful substances entering your system so although there may be positives, there as still health consequences that you may face in your future. On that note, perhaps looking into the future of vaping or the predictions of the next new trend of substitutes for cigarettes and prevention ways could be beneficial. Hopefully we can prevent teens from making mistakes that could jeopardize their health in the future. As always another great round of research and I can't wait to read what's next! Here are some links for future use.


Hi Trizah, 

I really like your research round! It's very intriguing and easy to follow, and it contains a lot of pertinent information. For example, you brought up a couple of really great, really true points about vaping and why it's so popular amongst teenagers- these include the fact that most believe e-cigarettes are a good alternative to smoking cigarettes (which isn't true, you can read more about its effects here: and they are influenced by media. You brought up a really good point here, how many teenagers either begin to vape or continue to do so because they see it in the media. These include social media, television/movies, advertisement, and even just the "high school media", the fact that many teenagers do vape and they want to be part of that group. In my opinion, it's this category that contributes to the popularity of e-cigarettes and the sort, and it's here that there needs to be a change in order to reduce the amount of teenagers vaping/using electronic cigarettes. So, by modifying the media so as not to advertise this behaviour, as well as a lack of promotion in school grounds, it's possible that the number will go down. Anyways, you did some great research and I can't wait to read your next round! Here are some links for you to continue with this:


Hey Trizah,

Great research this week! A lot of the things you said really resonated as true with me. For example, I know a few friends who started vaping solely because they think that it makes them look "cool". Additionally, they are under the impression that to dodge the harm of vaping, they just need to vape some juice that has no nicotine in it. (  Vaping with no nicotine is seen as not unhealthy, a great way to enjoy "social vaping", and apparently even has a better taste than vape fluids with nicotine. If you are interested, you could look into the harm behind vaping outside of just the possible nicotine addiction. Here are a couple of links if you choose to pursue this subject:

Additionally, here is another cite that talks a little more about teens and vaping if you want to look a little deeper into that:

Good luck, I look forward to reading what you find

Hey Trizah!

Great research! I love how in depth you go during the round, and how detailed it is. It’s truly upsetting how many teens are now suffering due to nicotine addiction. I’m glad you offered different examples as to why teenagers choose to vape, and I agree that, unfortunately, businesses use marketing techniques to lure teenagers into purchasing their products. I know that, at least in Canada as far as I know, cigarette companies illustrate the boxes with images of the negative side affects of smoking, so I am curious to know if the same applies to vaping.

I found some articles on why some people believe vaping is better than smoking, and vice versa



Hi Trizah, 

Awesome work on your new research round. It is very organized, and you paid great attention to detail. It’s great how you numbered and listed the reasons to why people use e-cigarettes. I agree that social media does have a big role in this topic. Social media doesn’t always give facts, and I find that people often confuse reality with myths.

Nonetheless, I find it interesting that there is a strong belief that e-cigarettes are less harmful your typical cigarettes. Evidently, most e-cigarettes almost always contain harmful ingredients including nicotine and acrolein. I found online that there is no FDA oversight on the oversight of the manufacturing these products. This means that there is no “oversight” on the potentially harmful ingredients. You might want to investigate that and delve into how the government and other organizations are monitoring its usage. There’s also this belief that e-cigarettes are found to be a safe method in helping smokers quit. If you are interested, you could investigate particular myths and facts.  


Websites to use:  


Good luck, 


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