Hey everyone, for my very first inquiry question, I decided to ask the question 

Why are people being affected by drugs at music festivals?

As an adolescent, a lot of kids at my school and mutual friends have started to go to music festivals to see their favourite artists or to enjoy great quality time with friends! However, we seem to forget the high risks that these type of environments potentially have on us, both mentally, emotionally and physically. The majority of guests who do go to these festivals are either intoxicated or have used drugs. In my research, I will go in depth of the drugs people use and how they are getting affected. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to comment! Thank you!


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Hey Venus!

Welcome to Butterfly Effect. I find your question to be really fascinating and I believe you're the first person to ever cover the topic of music festivals on this site! It might prove to be interesting to categorize each post by an effect (post 1 - mental effects/ post 2 - emotional effects/ etc.) 

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:



I look forward to reading your first post!

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